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Observation Tutorial

If you visit your local park regularly, most likely you are already taking note of park conditions that you see. Does your park have overflowing trashcans? Is there fresh graffiti tagged on a wall, or broken drinking fountains? Now you can become a steward of your park and report conditions like these through ParkScanpdx.org!

For a video tutorial on how to send observations, click here (WMV format, 10.4MB)

For a tutorial on how to submit an observation through the Send Observation page, follow the easy steps below.

Log In

Before sending an observation through ParkScan, you must first create an account at www.portlandonline.com. After registering at Portland Online, you will be redirected to ParkScanPDX.org.

Park Name

Find your park by name using the pull-down menu, or by location on the Google map. Click 'Select.' You will be directed to a new page with an aerial map of the selected park.

Observation Details

Use the aerial map to locate the problem you want to report. Under Observation Details, click the 'Add' button to get a red marker. Point your mouse to the problem location. Double click to place the marker. An observation form will pop up. Use the form to describe the problem.

By completing this form you provide the details that will help us respond to your request efficiently. Roll your mouse over the "i" button on the right for further information about the form. After completing the form, click "Finished." You will be returned to the map page.

More than one observation?
If you find more than one problem at your park, click the 'Add' button again to get second marker. You can add up to five different observations in one park report.

You can recheck or delete your observations by selecting the Edit button. Each observation is numbered in the sequence you entered them. For example, if you need to check your second observation, select 2 in the drop list and click Edit. In the edit mode you can also delete the observation entirely and start again by clicking a new location on the map.

Send Observation

Once you finished with mapping your observations, you have the option to include additional comments. You also have the option to upload up to three photos of each problem.

When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the page, click 'Send Observation' and your report is on its way! A tracking number will be sent to your registered email address so you can follow the progress on your observation.

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