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Mt Tabor Park
I love Mt. Tabor park. I love to go there to get away from the city and experience nature, bird sounds, and trees. Sadly, the last few times I have been there people have been very loud playing amplified music. I am not talking about bluetooth speakers, I am talking about professional amps mounted on stands at full power blasting rock music at volumes that can cause hearing damage. On (6/21/22) I was walking the Blue trail, and at around 4PM come across a man at the top of the stairs in front of Reservoir 5 with a speaker setup (mark #1 on map), turntable, and was blasting rock music (such as Pearl Jam) so loudly that I couldn't hear my in-ear buds while walking around the reservoir (which I put in to try and block the music), and if you were standing near him you could not have a conversation at normal volume. In other words... VERY LOUD. The music could be heard as far away as the summit. He had signage advertising him as someone who plays live music on Mt. Tabor but did not have a permit nor was his event on any calendar. (I wish I had written down the names on the sign but I was too busy trying to get away from the music, which was hurting my ears.) This is not the first time that this has happened. Recently (I forget the day) there was a private party setup near Reservoir 1 (mark #2) with a tent that was playing loud, angry music which included profanities, racial slurs, and slurs aimed at women. (Again, it could be heard as far as the summit.) I also encountered a setup at the summit (mark #3) a few weeks ago...although the music wasn't as loud, and they were playing classical music so I was pretty pleased-- but I still would prefer they use headphones. I really want to continue to be able to enjoy Portland Parks, but when I can't even block out ad-hoc rock music with in-ear headphones, that isn't really possible. I can't find if playing amplified music is allowed at Portland Public Parks, but I would hope that it is not. Thank you, kim
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06/22/2022 Just so you know, this is not related to the wends "dance parties" or other scheduled and sanctioned events. When I don't want to listen to music, I am fine with checking a calendar and then just avoiding areas with concerts.

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