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Mt Tabor Park
There is a broken storm water drain pipe crossing a foot path at the top of the dog park. The path starts at the landing where two short staircases meet, just below the stone retaining wall, at the top of the big staircase that leads down into the big central open area. Its a small footpath that leads east, down through the brambles on the hillside. Its a 4" drainpipe, transitioning from black ABS to white PVC and joined by a Fernco. The pipe is still functioning partially but overflows through the cracks during heavy rain. The white PVC is probably cracked from regular foot traffic. I would suggest using the sturdier black ABS to make the repair, dropping the existing pipe below the grade of the footpath on the uphill side with two 45's. Then you can run the pipe below grade under the path and connect to the more fragile whitepipe with a Fernco on the downhill side.
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