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Irving Park
Picnic Area
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Parks Bureau: Instructions need to be consistent to avoid contradictory statements and to avoid classism in which the use of more responsive means is encouraged in affluent, overwhelmingly white bedroom communities while suggesting reports from less affluent areas to less potent intake, the HUCIRP. Heather McKillip from Land Stewardship Division on 6/3/21 said to report all camping concerns in all parks to OMF's HUCIRP in response to case 5579 which concerns Colonel Summers Park I created case #5895 requesting the removal of a signage at Irving Park in privileged and affluent Irvington Community Association that instructs people to call-in encampment to ranger's office, because it's inconsistent with the instructions that was provided in June 2021. On 4/18/22, an unnamed representative from PP&R stated Ranger's office is the right point of contact for ACTIVE encampment while "impact reduction program" is for trash/debris. HOWEVER, when I emailed the ranger's office, they provided an automated response on 5/21/22 encouraging reporting encampment issues to the impact reduction program. Please modify the signs at parks in affluent areas that directs people to call campers to ranger's office. This or please have Ranger's office change their response to invite people to report active camps to them. I'm concerned the current practices encourage the reporting of campers in wealthy elite neighborhoods to ranger's office while pushing everywhere else to the impotent HUCIRP. This is the automated response that ranger call center email spits out: "What to expect next from your report: Camping in parks You can help us respond to camping issues by reporting all camps to portlandoregon.gov/toolkit We work closely with the One Point of Contact to coordinate our response to camping in parks."
Map of Irving Park
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05/24/2022 Please refer back to case #5895. The sign says “camping prohibited“ and provides phone numbers for general park issues that may be unrelated to camping. Additionally, we do not place websites from other bureaus on our signs. Also, websites often get updated and would not be a helpful resource on a sign once the website became defunct. We hope this helps and please understand that ParkScan is intended for reporting maintenance issues only.
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