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Mt Tabor Park
To your Legal Department: Your wanton legal negligence continues, as follows. On 1/17/2018, see www.parkscanpdx.org/observation?id=4091, I wrote about legal issue - lack of Posted plates "Tennis Only" on tennis courts. Today, at about 10 am (10:20 am) some nut tried to kick me off court, assaulted me, hit me, because he said the courts were a public property and he wanted me off court when I attempted to play tennis there as I do every day. He did not have any tennsi racquets, no tennis equipment, he only wanted to practice his karate there. When I informed him that the courts are for "Tennis Only", he said "no, anyone can do barbeques here, walk dogs, or do whatever they want. Get out of court" and he started hittimg me. I tried to defend myself with raquet. I called the police. At about 11:00 am Rangers came. This assault is YOUR legal resposibility because I there is no required "Tennis Only" posted plates. You continue to inqur legal debts before me. This assault is YOUR legal resposibility because I could not point to the nut to the plates "Tennis Only". Why do you think it is cheaper for you to pay thousands or millions of dollars in legal awards against you, versus cost of a few REQUIRED plates that state "City law: Tennis Only". I still demand that you instal, as soon as possible, plates "City Law: Tennis Only" on ALL FOUR CORNERS of each tennis court, visible from (a) inside of tennis court, each corner, and (b) outside of tennis court, each corner. Do not try to delete these legal documents (this post) - snapshots have been taken for future legal proceedings. Also, add the City Ordinance law to your "FAQ"s ("About") page http://parkscanpdx.org/about In addition, make sure that maintenance personnel conducts regular inspections to make sure that plates are not removed. Parks get more and more crowded as about 40,000 (fourty thousand) people arrve to live in Portland every year. More and more meth-heads, crack-heads walk around tennis courts when I play. This guarantees that such violations of law will happen more often. I will give you another chance to comply, but I will press chages against you for any further assaults.
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08/04/2018 The permanent link https://sites.google.com/site/lacklegaltennisonlyonportland has been posted for attorneys, for easy internet lookup. With time, Google Indexing engine will propagate and index the site for instant and easy lookups and searches by attorneys.

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