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Normandale Park
I believe there needs to be signage at the dog park enterances stating that children can not be unaccompanied inside the dog parks. Today there were 2 unattended children in the dog park, and they were interrupting the dogs playtime. The dog park isn't a petting zoo for people's children, and so I think that needs to be clear with signage posted at the entrances of the parks.
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06/13/2018 Thank you for taking the time to submit your comments. Adult supervision of children is an expectation and norm in society as a whole. The requirement for children to be attended by guardians expands beyond the confines of the Dog Off Leash Area (DOLA) and the park. Since the situation is not specific to regulations as it relates the control of dogs in the off leash area, it would appear to provide superfluous information to the DOLA user. Your information has been noted for future reference in case the situation becomes a frequent and widespread occurrence. See comment

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