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Mt Tabor Park
Natural Area
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The forested/vegetated slope immediately upgradient (west) of SE East Tabor Drive has been mowed along the lowest terrace. This area has been under hawkweed management for about 7 years, and native plantings have been installed to re-establish a native understory. Native plantings that were mowed include elderberry, snowberry, Disporum, Indian plum, and Mountain ash. I am at the park and walk/bike by this area about 200 times/year, and I have never seen it mowed before. It certainly seems counterproductive to the herbicide campaign and the native planting effort in this area of the park. Please let me know if this was purposeful or was done on accident. Thanks! -Daniel Covington 406.370.4693
Map of Mt Tabor Park
Date Comment Action Completion Date
06/25/2018 The grass growth was extreme so planting were not visible
to mower operator who was new to this mowing route.
Thank you

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