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Mt Tabor Park
Noise, boom, blasts of boombox, loudspeakers (music), every day and every night, all day long, from 6224 SE Main St, Portland, OR 97215, the house located few yards from the tennis courts above the water reservuirs. Sometimes, very rarely, there is no noise, when owners leave and their vehicles are not in their drive way, Mini Cooper, black, 613 JVL; Mazda, small convertible, black. Noise stops when Mazda is not in the driveway (resident drives away). I verified that there is no other house near Mt. Tabor park that does this. All visitors in the park use Head Phones. We cannot just ignore this noise and go anywhere in the park: tennis courts' location is fixed, and we are forced against our will to endure the booms, blasts and noise, every day, many hours per day. On June 1, 2018, Certified Letters delivery attempts were made, but owners of the house (Miriam Berman, Michael Morrow) refuse to accept the letters (ignore deliveries), certified letter tracking numbers 70162070000003668163, 70160910000052695306. Letter contained information about the Laws, recent Oregon court cases and punitive awards amounts in similar cases, and alternatives to enjoying music such as Head Phones.
Date Comment Action Completion Date
06/25/2018 Parknet is meant for reporting Park Maintenance issues. for Noise complaints please contact police non-emergency
at 503-823-3333
or Park Rangers at 503-823-1637
Thank you
06/20/2018 June 20, 2018: "Plainly audible" music, drums, from a boombox located just a few yards from where I play tennis, just across the fense of 6224 SE Main St, Portland, OR 9721. So, we could say that this, as legal language states it "plainly audible" music, drums, boombox is almost within my reach, at 6224 SE Main St, Portland, OR 9721, just across the fense between park and 6224 SE Main St, Portland, OR 9721. As the legal language would state, this "plainly audible" noise must stop.
06/17/2018 Sunday, June 17, 2018: booming, thunder, blasting from the boombox. No peace in the park.
06/16/2018 I am video-recording the noise, as compared to tennis players talking on courts while playing, for decibel comparison. Also, I am video-recording the lack of any boom-boxes on court, by players, etc.
06/16/2018 Ah, the only vehicle is black convertible Mazda is parked in the house.
06/16/2018 Since I reported this illegal noise, it has been unusually quiet and calm for many days, but recently the Booming, Thundering, and otherwise illegal noises from a Boombox resumed in full force. Saturday, June 16, 2018

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