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Grant Park
Accessibility Problem
The Coaches & Officials associated with the Grant High School Softball team are illegally parking their vehicles on the path that leads from US Grant Place to the track. They are blocking accessibility to the track and to the dirt path that heading West above the track. There is a clear "No Motor Vehicles" sign posted at the entrance of the path at US Grant Place. As well as inconveniencing many park users, this is also a hazard as passenger vehicles present a danger to park users who are not consciously looking out for cars. I was informed by a Park Ranger on sight that no special agreement exist for Grant High School Softball to use the path as their parking lot. I was advised by a call Parking Enforcement as a solution. I feel that a long term solution would be for Portland Parks to contact Grant High School directly and have them encourage their employees to follow the law.
Map of Grant Park
Date Comment Action Completion Date
04/12/2018 Thank you for sharing your concern about the proper use of the access systems at Grant Park. PPS, Portland Interscholastic League, and the Grant Softball coaching staff and participants have been notified about their improper parking practices and they have been instructed to use other means of parking on the street during their events. Again, we appreciate your concerns for safety and for your support of Portland Parks. See comment

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