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Colonel Summers Park
Skateboarders have added concrete ramps to many of the new stone pieces in the children's wading area. As a result, skateboarders now use the area exclusively as their own and it is unavailable to others. First, the city has gone to great lengths to create spaces for all users, while I understand and respect the desire and right for skateboarders to have public spaces, several skate parks have been created to observe this. However, Colonel Summers park is not one of these areas. Second, skating occurs at all hours and without consideration of the designated use of the area. Usually skating areas are central or away from residences where noise is such an issue. Third, this problem could be resolved in numerous ways. (1) patrol parks regularly and remove vandalism or illegal alterations, (2) turn on the water to the wading area during the day so that the area is not desirable to skateboarders, (3) use signage to clarify appropriate uses, (4) Install deterrents-such as metal bumps that interfere with skateboarding without taking away from from the intended use. Skateboarders and neighbors who are unhappy about their illegal alterations to the area have recently become increasingly at odds and I fear that tensions will boil to problems much greater, and more difficult to solve, than they currently are.

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