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Raymond Park
Last Friday on the corner of 79th and center there were at least 8 homeless looking people on the corner with bikes, smoking and standing around I news actillynhard to see around the corner in my car. There was a car with stuff piled up on it. I tried to take a photo I tried to take a photo an earlier day of the vagrants hanging out, discreetly, and a guy asked me why inward. I got a bit scared. In the last week I have noticed the park is clear of homeless hanging out but by 5-6 pm they start descending on the park.
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10/09/2017 Thank you for sharing your concerns, however ParkScan is a Maintenance Reporting tool, not intended for, nor the best tool to use to address rule violations or security concerns as Observations are reviewed by park operations staff, and they not reviewed in real-time. While we share your concerns that everyone should be following the rules and that everyone should feel safe in their parks, for more immediate and effective response to issues such as this, please call the Park Ranger Call Center at (503) 823-1637. Please share with them what you are seeing and when you are seeing it, so they can respond (if possible) and document areas of non-compliance for our longer-term response to this type of issue.
Depending on the severity of the situation you can also call police non-emergency at 503-823-3333, or if a crime is in progress or your safety is threatened call 9-1-1.
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