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Arbor Lodge Park
Problem is we have a camper set up on the intersection of N. Wilbur and N Dekum. It has been there since Tuesday morning/Monday evening. Starting to accumulate garbage and other things as people are living in the trailer with no vehicle attached to move trailer.
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09/05/2017 Thank you for sharing your concerns, however ParkScan is a Maintenance Reporting tool, not intended for addressing camping concerns. Please report all camping related concerns here: www.portlandoregon.gov/campsite, the Cityâs One Point of Contact for all camping related concerns. As the name implies, that is the clearing house for all camping related concerns throughout the city. Concerns reported to there will go to the City staff who can mobilize the most appropriate response, depending on the conditions you describe.
Observations reported here to ParkScan regarding camping are not forwarded to the One Point of Contact. We ask that you, as the person making the observation, report that directly based on your firsthand experience to those who can respond. So please use www.portlandoregon.gov/campsite.
Having said that, we acknowledge that the issue of homelessness is complex with nearly 2000 people living outdoors in Portland and limited housing options for these folks. Addressing the issue is bigger than any one group or city bureau can address alone. We share your concerns about the fact that so many people are experiencing homelessness.

Being homeless is not a crime, though some activities are considered a violation of park rules. Park Rules are detailed in City Code, Title 20 (https://www.portlandoregon.gov/citycode/28184)

If you feel that park rule violations are occurring in the park you can call the Park Rangers at 503-823-1637 or email here: rangercallcenter@portlandoregon.gov. You can also call police non-emergency at 503-823-3333. If a crime is in progress or your safety is threatened call 9-1-1.
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