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Willamette Park
Dock/Ramp - Boat, Fishing, Pedestrian
Illegal Activity
There is an inflatable boat that's been tied to the "short-term" north dock for months that's now on the verge of sinking--barely inflated and filled with water. There's another boat tied up (that is actually only the front half of a small boat) that also is an obstacle that could sink.
Map of Willamette Park
Date Comment Action Completion Date
03/03/2017 I don't see how to attach photos to this reply so I'm creating a new report so you can see them.
02/21/2017 Thank you for reporting the issue. We are coordinating with our Park Rangers and other agencies to address this, and other boat issues at the docks at Willamette. I will stop by there today and see if we can remove it sooner than later.

Thanks again for reporting what you are seeing out in the parks.

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