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Montavilla Park
I took my children to open swim today (8/12) from 1-4pm. There was a considerable amount of white paint chips swirling in the water in the shallow pool. It was enough to feel them brushing against our legs and when my children left the water there were paint chips stuck to their skin. I notified the counter staff and their response was that that the vacuum was broken and that they'd been trying to fix it for a while. However, the pool is still open and people are being charged to enter and swim. The paint is sloughing off the surface of the pool and being allowed to sit in the water, indicating a need for attention to the surface paint, a need for attention to the broken filter system, and a need to ask the question of why the pool is being left open if it is in such disrepair. I feel that the state of the water was unacceptable. Thanks for your time.

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